Dash out the door-natural makeup day in less than five minutes

Section ...Yawn ... It is morning. Heck, it seems clear. What time is it? Flipping to see the alarm is blinking 12: 00 (or once you reach for your phone you will find the battery dead) and. ..Shit. Your alert has made non-confirmed-not to go.

You can bolt out of bed and run the clock in the living room to assess the damage. You have 12 minutes to go to work. You have a shower, pull back hair and skip the trick because you didn't normally takes 20 minutes.

On the job, they feel unprepared and colorless and after counting the minutes until your first break, you whip out the toilets and despairingly try to make your a lip gloss compact perform great feats and extraordinary! Knowing how to apply a color look super speedy and you can save your dignity and start the day with confidence, even when you're strapped for time. Also useful when you need to travel light or you are stranded with a single colour to use!

Super Speedy color Look:

Tip # 1: Base Prep

Skin care: it is important and deep down, you know. Have your skin healthy and moisturised skin makes a difference to how easily and smoothly the trick goes on too-especially of the Foundation.

If you are a woman challenged by time, can have the benefits of a good skin care and time-savvy buying only double-purpose or multi-purpose products. A built-in cleanser or Exfoliating toner (or both) is fast and easy. Use it in the shower to speed things up a bit higher. Then follow up with a moisturizer for your skin type (if possible) that includes an SPF 15 + sunscreen. Or get your sunscreen on your Foundation. Or use a foundation that dries to a finishing powder (usually called creme powder) to control brightness and kicking up dust out of your routine. Whoever said that you don't have time to care for your skin? Think of the difference which is how it feels when you catch a glimpse of your reflection as you power-walk.

Tip # 2: fast Foundation

Liquid Foundation is faster when you slap on it! Use your normal amount but can apply as a moisturizer. Put it on the fingertips, rub them together a bit to even it out then apply it to your face using the entire length of the fingers to cover large areas at once. Wash or wipe out your hands on your shower Towel quickly. Mineral Foundation is just faster and less messy-good on you if you have converted (but I love my Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation ivory 100, while the yellow base hides any redness)!

Tip # 3: lips and cheeks (and eyes) In one

Lips: the lips and Jump to reach a lipstick in a natural tone, like a peach, Berry, coral, Brown, or pink that suits you. Double cream blusher as a way to store useful guidelines below and avoid shiny lipstick for this one.

How to choose Lip colors

An important lesson! When you choose the color of the lip, remember the natural dyes. Dark red-brown skin ivory is not only enough-it doesn't matter if you have red hair or a warm complexion-it just seems slightly muddy and Gothic on you so Save for Halloween. For the trick of the day, the color depth must be chosen in relation to your skin tone, namely if the skin is right, keep lip color, light beige, you can go slightly brighter or darker and still look natural, while those with dark skin or bronze knows that need intense deep plums chocolates or look for a comfortable day. Lipstick for a day (and all holidays except when he wants to frighten children or be especially fashionable) will be similar to your natural lip color, but a shade darker: natural strengthened. So now you know-you should suffer no more unflattering lipstick!

Your lips color completely. Cheeks: Dry lips with your fingers and pat excess loose on your cheeks as you would be cream blush. The focus on the apples of your cheeks.

Tip # 4: Eye Colour

Eyes: apply eyeshadow highlighter (lightest skin) to your eyelid and eyebrow bone if you have one. Use it freely in the inner corners of your eyes to look young and alarm. So take a few more color from your lips lightly and apply it to begin with, in the crease of your eye. No one is watching, right? If you chose a good lip color will look fresh, sweet and wide awake.

There are options! If you need it to last, a blush powder is always better, especially if you have oily skin. Use a neutral powder blush on your cheeks instead of lipstick, then use it as a color eye even with a blush brush over the entire lid for a healthy glow. Simple!

Tip # 5: Mascara and eyebrow

Define your eyes: Skipping eyeliner but definitely sweep the mascara. If the bottom lashes are too fiddly, leaving them naked. If you have one to remove any excess mascara, use a comb of hairs. You can skip the pencil, brow, if you dare, carefully using comb lashes with mascara on it to fill in your eyebrows slightly if they are of a color similar to your mascara. Perform an eyebrow brush above the eyebrows to standardize the color if necessary. Update your lipstick or add a note.

Done! Is minimal, but it looks nice and shiny. You can add later in the day, if you want, but for now, just going out the door!

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