Chanel applied enamel Mimosa

This was an impulse purchase. I bought Chanel Mimosa from pharmacy Covent Garden on the day of launch nationwide Chanel summer without spend much (any) time considering if I really want to, simply because he had spent in Selfridges within a couple of weeks of its launch exclusive there; the charm of the limited edition to work.

Zesty is a bright yellow with the typical thin sheen of Chanel, and the color and finish are bright and cheerful. The particular shade of yellow was chosen to be flattering on a range of skin tones (yellow) and shine hidden stops looking flat and paint-like. It was a pain to apply; quite draggy, and took three to get a finishing coats vaguely also on my short nails.

I really can't decide if I like it, or if it is a bit ugly. Mr London nail lacquer prefers to American Apparel butter hereI described and I think it's fair.

Only yellow enamel Chanel could do so desirable. Maybe this is what went into the development of the product ...

Chanel Nail Guy: Come on people, I need a challenge's. I had them wear black nails, blue, mint, tortora, aqua .... Although the Khaki Brown sold like hot cakes. What next
Intern development: what can I say ... yellow?
Chanel Nail Guy: yellow nails? That is insane! Let's Do It. 
Maybe they put catnip to women in the enamel.


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