9 Tips on makeup application – how easy a professional look

Just like the world of constant change, fashion fads come and go trick.  However, what never changes is the correct approach for applying makeup to achieve the ultimate goal of looking for the best that you possibly can.

This can only happen when you combine skin care products of quality, a sound surface (skin) and use professional tools and techniques to achieve a flawless finish.

Once I learned all these things that will fit your personal style to achieve a more fashion and to maximize the capabilities that are blessed with.

With this in mind, where you start for the perfect approach for applying makeup?

1. facial Cleansing

It is paramount that before thinking at your favorite Foundation that is properly clean the face opening.  After all, a clean face will provide the perfect key to apply the makeup.  Start by cleaning of milk or cream to the nose, cheekbones and forehead and with some cotton wool to gently cleanse your face in small circular movements until you can feel that your face is clean.  Rinse with water and if do you want to repeat the procedure.

2. Eyebrows

Next, take a look at the eyebrows and remove any hair messed with a good pair of tweezers.  The best types are generally those with a slanted edge.  Remember to grab your hair lower down the hair follicle and grasp the hair in the direction that is growing.

3. apply your favorite Foundation

Your Foundation should be the perfect match to your skin tone and texture, and once applied should blend then is hardly visible.  Obviously the more natural looking makeup is the best.  Apply a small amount for the back of your hand and use a sponge to defray slightly the Chin, cheeks and forehead areas.  Remember to start in the Center and work outward toward your jaw line, so that the Foundation for a finish almost invisible.

4. apply your favorite powder

Choose a powder that complements your natural skin tone.  It is a good idea to pick one that is transparent or one with a slight sheen as apposed to a matte finish powder.  Then you need to invest in a powder brush large of good quality, so that the powder is applied evenly on the face.  Apply powder everywhere; paying close attention to your T-zones as this is likely to be the main area had to be tamed, recalling tap-away any excess powder.  Once again, working outwards with the brush in your jaw line to minimise unnatural color shifts.

5. apply blusher

Choose a color that best suits your skin tone, lighter for use during the day and darker for the evening.  A good tip is to choose a color that corresponds closest to your checks during exercise.  If you're not sure what color fits best, this can be a good starting point.  Using a special round, completes the brush to apply the blush (not to be tempted to use the brushes below are provided with the product as rarely produce professional results) put a small amount onto brush and smile naturally in the mirror.  Then, on the part of apple, your cheek up and gently blend along the cheekbone directly towards your hairline.

6. apply Eye Shadow

Using the pencil eyebrow preferred gently down any gaps that may appear in your eyebrows to obtain a fuller, natural finish.  Brown and black are the most common colors to use for everyday use.  However, for that special occasion or big night out you can try experimenting with a colored pencil.  Whatever colour you decide to use make sure that the pencil is sharpened to give you complete control and to emphasize the shape of the eyebrows.

7 apply Eyeliner

Apply eyeliner at the outer edge of the eye, remembering to keep your upper eyelid has taught.  Now short precise draw strokes in your Eyelash line.  Then apply eyeliner to eyelashes button moving from outer edge.  If you're trying to make a real statement and want your eyes literally pop-outs to make the line outside of your top eyelashes wider than the inside one.

8 apply Mascara

For a more dramatic effect you can use an eyelash curler to give your mascara.  Begin by applying the mask to the top side of your lashes, remembering always to hold the baton at an angle parallel to your eye.  Now move the brush slowly upwards to force the separation of the eyelashes.  Repeat the process for the lower lashes.  It is also a good idea to invest in a comb of Cilia, so it is possible to separate lashes wet and avoid clumping.

9 apply lipstick

Undoubtedly the most striking aspect of makeup is the choice of lipstick, how you can change your appearance all by simply changing your color of lipstick.  It is a good idea to use a lips before like this further highlight your lips and ensure that your lipstick lasts all day.  It begins at the center of your upper lip and move outwards, towards the corner of the mouth.  Then move the lipstick back to Center and repeat the same process on the other side.  The lower lip is colored in exactly the same way.  Just remember that once you are finished, scrub and check your teeth for any overspill.

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