Caring for Black Hair

The most common hair color in the world is black. However, there are many different types of black hair, and each type requires a different set of hair care products and treatments.
  • Step 1 – Know What Type of Black Hair You Have. 
Before you can select the right products for your hair you need to understand what type of black hair you have. First of all you need to determine what texture your hair has. Do you have curly hair? Course hair? Fine hair? Smooth hair? Or do you have a combination of these hair types?

  • Step 2 – Know What Hair Problems You Have

Black hair, like any other type of hair, is also prone to hair problems. Again, before you can select the right hair care products for your hair you need to identify what problems your hair has. For example do you have oily hair or dry hair? Do you have split ends? Or do you struggle with frizzy hair?

  • Step 3 – Select the Right Hair Care Products for Your Hair.
There are literally thousands of hair care products on the market today. When you go shopping make sure that you are selecting products that will address your hair’s issues, and that will enhance your natural beauty. Don’t buy products that are not designed for the type of black hair that you have, as these products will only damage or weigh down your hair. Read the labels of hair care products that you are interested in to see what they are recommended for. For example, if you have coarse, curly black hair then you will need a frizz controller that is a little heavier than if you have smooth, curly black hair.

  • Step 4 - Get a Hair Cut That Works With Your Hair.

Not every hair cut is right for every type of hair. To look your best, and to improve the health and condition of your black hair, you need a quality hair style and cut that will work with your hair’s characteristics instead of working against these things. Talk to a professional hair stylists if you don’t know what hair cut is right for you.

  • Step 5 – Liven Up Your Hair with Natural Rinses.

If you want to add a little color to your black hair without using chemicals then there are non-chemical rinses that you can use to add a temporary color accent to your hair. Use unsweetened Kool-Aid powder dissolved in water as a hair rinse to add a funky color to your hair. This color usually lasts a couple of shampoos. Cranberry juice can also be used as a hair rinse. It produces an auburn tint to your hair. If you want to naturally lighten your black hair you can use lemon juice and sunlight. Because black hair is so dark, these colors are going to be faint, but they should add a little pop when caught in the right light.
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