Choosing a perfume

The towers behind the perfect choice of perfume or a girl and a man who spends almost not noticed. But away, a scent is left so captivating. You cannot resist and turned his head back.  Who is this you ask. These are the effects of fragrances. But not immediately go out and buy a range of scents. There are some things to consider. Perfumes are like clothes, shoes and accessories complicated. You should get something in addition to global character. Check out the various scents and trying to determine whether you are who you are defined. Some of the themes or scents on the market are available have fragrance. Head back.  Who is this you ask. Cyprus fragrance emitting a wooden base, flowers and moss and citrus flavors, including basic fruit flavors such as grapefruit, lemon or tangerine. Another series of flower essences are apparently one of the most popular today. Also available or amber oriental. These scents make flavors such as musk, vanilla, spices, flavors and a combination of flowers and trees. One of the best tips on buying a perfume is to relax and not rush. If one of the new perfume on the shelves do not go running around take your time. See, or rather, the smell, the smell is really something you want. When is a fragrance, you should apply some on the back of each hand. Then go through the normal business. Eat at the mall or shopping with friends or partners. After a while, the smell of incense in his hand. If you like, or smell, then by all means now you hold it. The reason for this experiment is that fragrances in the course of time when you applied to change your body. Body chemistry is for each person too. So what might smell good to your friend maybe not so much on you? In addition, they feel good now maybe not so good after an hour or two. Scents are of layers. The first of the smell the smell of the fragrance is applied immediately. This layer is the first impressions but fades quickly. The middle layer consists of a perfume scent of perfume, because it reduces or reacts to the skin or body chemistry. You can use this layer in about thirty minutes after application of perfume to feel. The last layer is the base and contains the richest flavors. This is the main theme of the perfume and mixed with the intermediate layer.
This smell usually manifests after more than 30 minutes of use perfume. Once the smell of this layer has come, can only really know if we smell something you want or something that would complement your character. If you find that the scent from the market or current professional activity is not your personality, you always try to make your own perfume. There are many ways to make your own. You could experiment a bit with fragrance oils or essential oils do. You can also research as an interesting hobby and can be attached to almost endless possibilities of perfumes or fragrances. Commercial perfumes are synthetic products that give out different flavors of natural essential oils. But your own fragrance, but also a fragrance that is just and you alone create.

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